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There is an inherent risk when
entering the back country:
make sure you are well
prepared by carrying a map
of the trails. An adventure in
the back country can quickly
become a misadventure if you
have not properly planned
your trip. Please do not litter
and dispose of garbage in
our forests. Let's keep the
back country clean for
everyone to enjoy!
Here are a few tips you may
consider before heading out
into the back country:
> Be prepared for the chosen
recreational pursuit (hiking,
canoeing, rafting).
> Always carry the essentials.
If necessary: be ready to
stay the night.
> Be aware of weather
> Never hike alone and stay as
a group. Pay close attention
to your surroundings and
> Be aware of wildlife that is in
the area: know what to do in
case you come across a
bear or cougar.
> If you are on a trail, STAY on
the trail.
> Do not panic: Use signaling
devices - blowing a whistle,
lighting a fire and staying
visible will help searchers
find you.
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n o r t h
. c o m
Day Hikes
For The
Exploring Trail Systems
Traveling the World Famous Alaska
Highway is the adventure of a lifetime.
During your travels through Northeastern
British Columbia, take time to discover
the opportunities that exist beyond
the roadway. If you enjoy exploring
uncharted territory and creating your own
adventure, then this is the place for you.
The region is rich with an abundance of
outdoor recreation opportunities with its
pristine natural backdrop of the Northern
Rocky Mountains. Enjoy back country
hiking in remote areas offering adrenaline
mountain climbs, wildlife viewing and
picturesque waterfalls.
Take a day, and explore the lakes and
rivers of the area and discover the
original transportation routes of the
First Nation's people and early European
settlers to the region. Journey the lakes
and rivers by taking a calm canoe paddle
across a lake, a high adrenaline white
water rafting adventure, or a jet boat ride
that will take your breath away.
The following hiking excursions will give you a taste
of the many outdoor adventures available to you
in Northeastern British Columbia. If you have any
questions, or require more information on other
trails, stop by the local Visitor Centre in the area and
pick up their local hiking guide.
Hiking between Waterfalls near Tumbler Ridge
Quality Falls
Time/Distance: 1.5 hours/2.5 kms return
Rating: Easy,
set of stairs at the falls
Quality Creek drops over a number of waterfalls as
it flows to the Murray River. The one kilometre trail
leads to the upper section of the falls, where there
is a picnic site and viewpoint. From Tumbler Ridge,
take the Heritage Highway (Highway 52) towards
Dawson Creek. Look for a sign and clearing on the
left, six kilometres from the Junction of Mackenzie
Way and the Heritage Highway. There is a large sign
indicating the trailhead.
Quality Falls
Photo by J.F. Bergeron/Enviro Foto
Photo by Kr
eg Alde
Photo by Peace photoGraphics