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Set up camp in the 42 unit Kinuseo Falls
Campground with RV pull thru and tent
sites, a picnic shelter and special needs
facilities. Trails to the Stone Corral and
Jade Falls are relatively close to the
campsite. RV drivers should inquire about
the condition of the road before making
the journey.
For those visitors looking for a wilderness
adventure, a trail from the campground
directs you into the heart of Monkman
Park where rustic campsites exist at the
Murray River Crossing and at the south
end of Monkman Lake (24 km each way).
As beautiful as the trail to Monkman Lake
is, it runs parallel to the most spectacular
feature of the park - the Monkman
Cascades. These are a series of ten
stunning waterfalls along Monkman Creek
that thunder over rock ledges, separated
by placid pools. Thanks to a group of
local volunteers, these treasures are
now accessible by a new trail network,
accompanied by a handful of campsites
and the continuing Monkman Pass
Memorial Trail. Pictures can be viewed on
the Wolverine Nordic & Mountain Society
Gwillim Lake Provincial Park is located 45
kilometres northwest of Tumbler Ridge on
Highway 29. Open from May to October,
this park houses 50 vehicle/tent camp-
sites, pit toilets, fire pits, firewood, picnic
tables and pump water. All campsite
roads are paved and many campsites
back onto the lake for a breathtaking view
of the lake and mountains.
n o r t h
Tumbler Ridge Golf &
Country Club
This nine hole golf course features
tranquility, magnificent views and
outstanding conditions. With a fully
stocked golf shop, driving range,
putting green and a food and beverage
facility with the best outdoor patio in
the community, there is truly a reason
for everyone to visit Tumbler Ridge
Golf & Country Club.
Visitor Centre Tel: 250.242.3123 | |
visit us online: 25
Dinosaur Country
Incredible dinosaur finds have been
made since 2000, from trackways
and skin impressions to BC's first
dinosaur skeleton. New track sites
will be open to the public in 2009.
Visit museum exhibits located in
the Community Centre and come
experience the new Dinosaur
Discovery Gallery.
Bullmoose Marshes
Trail & Interpretive
Wetlands Area is just
one of a few birding
opportunities in the
area. Tumbler Ridge
has an abundance of
other wildlife viewing
opportunities that are
second to none.
Photo by T
ent Er
Photo by T
ent Er
Photo by J.F
. Berger
o Foto
Photo by Kevin Sharman
Guided Dinosaur Trackway Tours:
Information about daytime walks &
night time lantern tours available at the Tumbler Ridge Visitor Centre.