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Management Area
Northeastern BC, Canada
6.4 Million Hectares
Approximately twice the size
of Vancouver Island
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Forest, T
eck Cominco, M-K Y
outh Camp,
K. Vince, Ministr
y of Environment, C. W
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The Muskwa-Kechika Management Area (M-KMA), established in 1998,
is internationally renowned for its wilderness and wildlife. It was
designated to enable economic development to take place while
ensuring that the wilderness and wildlife are maintained into the future.
M-KMA Vision
"... a globally significant area of
wilderness, wildlife and cultures, to be
maintained in perpetuity, where world
class integrated resource management
decision-making is practiced ensuring
that resource development and other
human activities take place in harmony
with wilderness quality, wildlife and the
dynamic ecosystems on which they depend".
Motorised recreational vehicle access is carefully
managed through specially designated routes,
identified in the Access Management Area
Regulation (Wildlife Act). Outside of the
designated routes, travel is by snowmobile,
boat, horse, plane and foot.
The Muskwa-Kechika Advisory Board, appointed
by the Premier, provides valuable advice to
government on resource management in
the M-KMA.
Visitors may experience the
M-KMA by driving from
Tetsa River to Liar
d River
Hot Springs Provincial Park
along the world famous
Alaska Highway.
Tom Briggs, Chair
Find out about riverboat trips and guided trail
rides. The tiny Reflection Lake is a perfect habitat
for moose and bird life. Also from here are
several designated vehicle access routes leading
into interesting terrain of the back country via
truck or ATV. Spectacular views from the Nonda
Creek Tower are well worth the drive.
Toad River - Mile 442
The Toad River Lodge includes a collection
of over 6,000 hats (2007), many donated
by travellers.
Photo by April Moi